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Tue Dec 2 03:01:20 GMT 2003

and "LanguageMonitor". The % around the value for "LanguageMonitor"
indicates that it is a string that can be localized so its actual value
is obtained from the "[Strings]" section. The "Data Section" could also
have contained an entry for "DefaultDataType".

Using the information we have obtained we can now construct the entry
for the printers.def file.

<Long Printer Name>     -> QMS ColorScript 100 Model 30  (name given
				on the command line)
<Driver File Name>      -> PSCRIPT.DRV  (given in Data Section)
<Data File Name>        -> QCS30503.SPD (defaults to Install Section name)
<Help File Name>        -> PSCRIPT.HLP  (given in Data Section)
<Language Monitor Name> -> PostScript Language Monitor  (given in Data Section)
<Default Data Type>     -> RAW (default if not specified)

So.... the entry (actually one line but split here for readability) would

QMS ColorScript 100 Model 30\
 :PostScript Language Monitor\

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