[VFS] CAP module

Bjoern Fernhomberg lists at fernhomberg.de
Thu Aug 28 12:29:10 GMT 2003

> > NetAtalk writes filename as "dos charset", so this module will be
> > usefull not only for Japanese but also for other charsets.

This may be true for Japanese but e.g. for most western users Netatalk will
write cap encoded MacRoman by default. I don't see how this could be useful
for samba.

> I still not found time to revive my patches to Netatalk to use the same
> approach as Samba uses w.r.t. charsets so that it would be working with
> any iconv encodings, including UTF-8. We have this working in 1.5 but I'd
> like to finish this for current version.

This is already being worked on, as we need it for AFP3 support anyway.
Iconv is not much help, as it does not provide round trip encoding for most
mac charsets.
Any help appreciated :-)

Bjoern Fernhomberg

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