Modules system and backends

Tom Alsberg alsbergt at
Thu Aug 28 07:35:10 GMT 2003

I have a small request for Samba 3 (when it comes).  Since now some
backends of things (e.g. passdb, vfs, etc.) can be built as external
modules (not part of the Samba build), it would be good if the Samba
install (make install) would also install the necessary include files,
etc. for it.

This way one wouldn't need the current Samba source to build such
modules, and Makefiles of modules could be written in a better way
(not having to take into consideration the location of the includes
and libraries in the Samba source).

This would also better define the interface of modules (that is - what
module writers need to know and can trust to stay compatible), so one
writing a module would need to mess less with the source of all kinds
of things without Samba and will be able to work with a cleaner
environment containing only what he could need.

(This is the way it works with many other systems which support
modules - pam, nss, etc., as well as commercial software which only
provides to module writers an SDK to write plug-ins, etc.)

  Thanks, hope this is possible to get into Samba before 3.0 is
  -- Tom

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