Samba shares getting disconnected

Shyju KT shyju_k at
Thu Aug 28 04:43:12 GMT 2003

   This is regarding a problem we are facing in our clustered samba
We have an active passive cluster environment with redhat advanced server
running samba and oracle as cluster services.
Everything is OK except a small problem . The samba shares are getting
disconnetced from the windows 2000 clients(which uses d2k forms stored in
the shared folders in the server., since the shared dir gets discooneted,
the application crashes).
Could U please put some light on to this issue? We have tried many
combinations in the samba conf file. Could it be a problem with the network
card(broadcom gigabit interface. bcm 5600)?? We have brought down the speed
of the n/w card to 100 mbps and it seems the frequency of the disconnection
has come down.
This is a production environment and we have around 300 simultaneous users.
This set up was running in a single linux server till now without any
problems and we have moved it to a cluster environment recently.

Would be very thankful to get an early reply.


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