Sending UCS-2 on the wire?

Ken Cross kcross at
Mon Aug 25 19:48:25 GMT 2003


I've been trying to figure out why I can't get the groups for a username
with umlaut in the name.  

It turns out that Samba is converting things to UCS-2 internally (which is
fine), but then sends the username to the server in UCS-2 rather than UTF-8.
Consequently, I get "No such user" from the server.

I have these settings:

 display charset=UTF-8
 dos charset=UTF-8
 unix charset=UTF-8

I'd *really* like to keep them, but changing them doesn't seem to help.

Also, it only seems to happen when talking to a NT domain controller --
WIN2K is OK.

What am I missing here?


Ken Cross

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