Cups IPP originating host attribute and samba

Matthias Hilbig necmas at
Mon Aug 25 14:22:19 GMT 2003


I have a problem with the IPP originating host attribute if the print 
jobs arrive with samba: it contains the netbios name, not necessarily a 
valid dns name or at least a valid ip address.

I looked at the source of samba 2.2.8a and 3.0rc1, both fill the 
job-originating-host attribute with get_remote_machine_name(). But the 
cups backend I programmed needs to contact the originating-host, the 
netbios name is useless for this purpose (unless I can somehow get the 
ip address for the netbios name).

I'm not familiar with samba internals, but I think there has to be some 
kind of function to convert a netbios name to an ip address. If somebody 
could point this function out I could patch my samba, but overall I 
think it would be better if samba filled in the dns name or at least the 
ip address instead of the netbios name.

	Matthias Hilbig

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