NTLM1/NTLM2 signing and sealing

Luke Howard lukeh at PADL.COM
Sat Aug 23 03:11:36 GMT 2003

>I left a step out of my notes when putting together the documentation; 
>in signing, the first 8 bytes from the HMAC output are RC4-encrypted 
>(using the *sealing* key) before concatenation with the version number 
>and sequence number; this is also done in the signature created during 
>the sealing process.  I just finished updating the doc to reflect this.

Thanks; still can't get it to work, but it could just as be an
implementation error :-)

Given I can decrypt the message I presume I have the key derivation
for the sealing key correct, and given the key derivation algorithm
for the signing key is the same (with a different salt), I would expect
that that key is also correct.

So I'm puzzled why SGN_CKSUM (the truncated HMAC of the sequence 
number and data) doesn't match. Guess I'll stick with NTLM1 for now :-)


-- Luke

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