New bug submitted: WERR_UNKNOWN_PRINTER_DRIVER (Bug 294) Samba 3b3 and cupsaddsmb

Alex itzaberhad at
Thu Aug 14 06:40:35 GMT 2003

Hi All,

    I'm trying to build up steam on squashing this nasty little bug.  It 
seems to be affecting a couple of versions of Samba.  Basically 
cupsaddsmb seems to work fine.  But when the driver is checked with 
rpcclient you get the usual driver details, except at the very end a 
   This has the affect of Windows starting the driver install (driver 
files are downloaded) but failing at the last minute.
   Other people have had this problem and sometimes it sponetaneously 
goes away.  But the fact that the bug is duplicatable (at least for me) 
on 3 different machines (all RH9, and 2 versions of Samba, the stock 
shipped with RH9 and 3b3).

So if anyone has experienced this problem, please help out!


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