Samba4 initial code

tridge at tridge at
Thu Aug 14 04:40:27 GMT 2003

As some of you have noticed we have released a first testing version
of the Samba4 code in a separate cvs area called 'samba4' on

First off I want to explain that this is a long long way from being
production code. It is very incomplete in many areas and downright
broken in others. The main aim of this release is to give everyone an
idea of the general architecture that is planned for Samba4.

I'm travelling at the moment (I'm at the CIFS'2003 conference in San
Jose) but I hope to soon write up an architecture document and a
'programmers guide' of some sort. Until then please don't put too much
time into big lumps of code based on Samba4 as I want to keep the
coding style and structure quite strictly coherent (unlike Samba3!)
and it is likely that if you put lots of time in that I might reject
the patches based upon some esoteric coding rules that I haven't told
you about yet.

So, stay tuned for some documentation commits!

Cheers, Tridge

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