FIxed [was Re: Authentication through transitive trusts]

Ken Cross kcross at
Thu Aug 7 11:10:01 GMT 2003

> > 
> > How 'bout we add a switch to wbinfo (and appropriate support in 
> > winbindd) to limit the list on -u or -g to the domain we 
> have joined, 
> > or some specific domain.  Maybe --domain=<domain-name> 
> (with something 
> > like "." for the domain we joined)?
> why are you running 'wbinfo -u'?  What purpose does it serve 
> other than 
> debugging?  Are you piping the users to another program?

Yep.  It's used to manage ACLs.  Domain users/groups can be added to ACLs,
so we present a list and let them choose.

Consequently, we need to authenticate against any domain, but be able to
limit the list to a reasonable size.  

Currently, the list from wbinfo -u is just the domain we joined or *all*
domains.  Some other options would be useful.


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