File Size (EOF) and Allocation Size

Johannes Niess j.niess at
Fri Aug 1 12:55:24 GMT 2003

Hi all,

I've attatched two level 5 traces to show what can happen if disk size
is exceeded on a share.

Both use Windows98 second edition as client OS. It's the same machine
in both traces. I've copied the same file gfx.lib to [floppy]/adir via
explorer. Its size is 22MB, so it won't fit onto the floppy used as

On the two samba server machines a floppy is ext2 formated and mounted
as root. /floppy/adir is "chmod a+w"'ed to allow the user "niess" to
write there. Both servers are up to date (excluding todays kernel
updates) Debian Woody. 

I got an error message "not enough space" (as wanted) on a plain
woody system "flunder".  The log file "no-truncation.log" is from this

I got file truncation on "server". Log file is "truncation.log". It has
the following differences from "flunder":

Kernel 2.4.20-marcelo

Debian source of samba 2.2.3a recompiled via debian package utils and
adding "-with-quota \" to debian.rules.

"strict allocate = yes" in smb.conf.

quota-utils installed, but no quota on /floppy.

Maybe the logs can help you to find out what has changed on the
wire. I'd be glad to provide further information or other log's. I can
switch to kernel 2.4.20 on "flunder". Changes to "server" would be
changes to a department server in intensive use. My main goal is to
implement usable quotas on "server".

Johannes Nieß

P.S: Sorry for blaming it on the wrong client OS. I wrongfully stated
it was W2K on this machine, but I've seen the same symptoms on a third
server with W2K explorer as client. I can do traces for that, but
vmware would be involved on both server and client. Sorry for the

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