VFS module - filter everyone etc.

Rainer Link rainer at openantivirus.org
Fri Apr 25 08:32:48 GMT 2003

Stefan (metze) Metzmacher wrote:

> ...old code...for 2.*
> #include "interface6.c"
> #include "interface5.c"
> #endif
> to have seperate vfs modules for the different samba versions
> witch talk to a standart scanner backend

Ok, yes. As my time is very limited these days I focus on bugfixing and 
enhancing existing scanner support. A re-write is currently not 
possible. And the users request this and that feature, but never "hey, 
rewrite it" ;) The plan was to develop/maintain the 0.3.x series further 
and do in parallel the re-write, the 0.4.x branch. But that won't be 
possible :-(

>> lp_parm_* is for the parametric VFS options stuff? I use my own 
>> samba-style configuration file currently, parsing is done via pm_process.
> I know would you accept a change?

Basically, yes. But, hm, what are the pro/cons of having an own 
samba-sytle configuration file and the parametric VFS options directly 
in smb.conf? I'm note quite sure the latter one is the better one. 
Before I change this I should better ask the users of samba-vscan :-)

cheers, Rainer

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