Samba and Microsoft Word

David Collier-Brown -- Customer Engineering David.Collier-Brown at Sun.COM
Tue Apr 22 14:56:19 GMT 2003

   It's probably easier to turn logging up to a high
value and see what's being reported.  Have a peek at
and turn the log level up to at least 3.

  I reccomend:
1) find the pid of the client from smbstatus.
2) increase the log level for just that process with
	kill -SIGUSR1 1234
	kill -SIGUSR1 1234
	kill -SIGUSR1 1234
	kill -SIGUSR1 1234
     where 1234 is the process id returned by smbstatus
3) try to save the file
4) decrease the log level with
	kill -SIGUSR2 1234
	kill -SIGUSR2 1234
	kill -SIGUSR2 1234
	kill -SIGUSR2 1234
and look for error  messages in the log.  Feel free to send me
the file to look at.


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