Samba and Microsoft Word

Juergen Schaak Juergen.Schaak at
Tue Apr 22 13:31:01 GMT 2003

>>> Maybe a lock problem??
>> It seems so.
>> Try
>> Kernel oplocks = no
>> oplocks = no
> Nop. Didn't work.
> I openned "02.doc" and tried to save it as a brand new "teste.doc". Same
> message:"the disc is write protected or is full" Word said.
> I don't know how if I interpreted smbstatus output correctly. If I
> understand it correctly it says that my teste.doc is write protected??

Nope. It means Samba believes that the whole disk ist write protected or the
disk is full (normaly not).
I had the same Problem and an other techi added following lines into
[global] and anything went right.

# Samba Tuning
deadtime = 15           ; Nicht aktive Clients beenden nach 15 Minuten
				# close inactive clients after 15 min
keep alive = 10         ; gibt es den Client noch? aller 10 Sekunden
				# test for client every 10 sec.
oplocks = no

# direktes Lesen/Schreiben gibt Probleme beim Starten von Programmen auf
# direkt read/write causes problems with starting programs on share
read raw = no
write raw = no
getwd cache = yes

Mit freundlichen Gru?en

Jurgen Schaak

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