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Thu Apr 10 08:52:22 GMT 2003


Hopefully you can help me with this one.  I am using Samba 2.2.6 on two 
Solaris servers . The PC users all see all the shares as being on one 
system and it implements MSDFS to redirect any shares that are physically 
located on another system to the samba server on that system.  We have 
been using this config successfully for a good while now, but recently 
it's been getting more and more use and we are experiencing an 
intermittent problem - sometimes when the users look in a directory 
(windows explorer) they see a directory within it with the same, when they 
open that they see a directory within it with the same name etc etc. i.e. 
a kind of recursive directory thing. Meanwhile other users will be using 
the samba shares with no problem. Restarting the PC seems to fix the 
problem - which maybe seems to suggest it's client related?   However I am 
uncertain whether the problem lies with the WindowsNT4 clients (having a 
problem with DFS maybe) or with the samba server .

Can you advise/help?

Thanks in advance

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