Error messages "Call timed out: server did not respond ..."

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Thu Apr 10 08:04:03 GMT 2003

Hello at samba-technical,

I am now posting my problem to this list after I still havenŽt found a
solution searching lists like the general samba-list and amanda-users.

I am running a backup server at a customerŽs site.

It runs Amanda 2.4.2.p2 under Suse Linux 8.0, using Samba 2.2.8 to
backup windows shares.

Backing up another linux host works fine and solid, but the logs for
one windows share shows tons of messages like:


? Call timed out: server did not respond after 20000 milliseconds opening remote
file XYZ


This messages only come from one particular machine, another windows
share is backed up fine without those timeouts.

I face this problem for some times now and have already searched the
web and posted on amanda-users as well as here.

Another samba-user has the same problem at his site, we both tried
doing chkdsk-runs on the windows-machine without success.

He runs Amanda 2.4.4, so that canŽt be the problem.

I browsed the Samba-sources for the error message and found it in the
/source/libsmb/clierr.c file. It seems to be triggered by r/w-errors
on the ntfs-system.

Can anyone give us a tip what we can do about that behavior ?
Is it possible that the NT-version of that machine is kind of too old
? I donŽt know exactly which SP it runs, because I am not there right
Could it be a faulty NIC ?

I also browsed the samba-technical-archives and found a thread called
"rpc client timeouts" from 2003-04-01. I am not sure if the problem
described is the same as mine but maybe there a parallelities.

Thanx in advance,


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