Samba 3.0 and UserManager? (solved)

Eddie Lania e.lania at
Thu Sep 26 10:02:00 GMT 2002


Thank you, it works exactly like you told me.
Loggin in as root from a workstation works for usermgr.


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> > I haven't got this to work altough I have read several mails now on this
> > list of people that seem to have it working.
> > I was wondering how this should be done.
> > I can start UserManager for windows NT and see the accounts and groups,
> but
> > whenever I try to open one of them I get a "permission denied".
> This is a known bug. It was introduced about two months ago if I remember
> correctly. It however only affects users other than root that are in the
> BUILTIN\Administrators group of the samba PDC. So not many people will
> noticed it.
> >
> > Please, can somebody help me?
> If it is the bug I'm thinking of, then there are three solutions to it:
> 1) Use the user root (it must be added to passdb) to administer with
> 2) Apply a patch I've appended
> 3) wait till Andrew Bartlet has applied the patch to HEAD
> The preferred solution is using the root user on the windows machines.
> Currently only root has write access to the sam. With the two other
> solutions, you will be able to open your users in usrmgr, but not change
> anything. Once the new sam subsystem is in place, all members of the
> Administrators groups should be able to administer the sam, but that is no
> where near ready yet.
> > Eddie.
> >
> Kai

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