smbclient hangs while creating tar file

Hosin Kee Hosin.Kee at
Tue Sep 24 19:16:00 GMT 2002

Hello Everyone,

I found something weird recently.
Could anybody experience this problem before?
I’m using “smbclient” to transfer files from a NT box to a Solaris 2.6
It hangs 19 out of 20 times while creating a tar file. It doesn’t hang at
the same point. Sometime it hang at the startup, sometime it hangs with 1mb
tar file.
No messages displayed at all.
Process seems just sleeping.
I have IKE VPN connection between NT machine and Solaris machine.
It just worked fine before I upgraded to Checkpoint firewall-1 NG FP2.
But I don’t suspect our VPN connection because it always hangs while
creating a tar file, sometimes 10%, sometimes 90%. It works fine just once
out of 20 times on average.

The command I’m using is as follows:

smbclient \\\\NT_Server\\Shared_Dir <\\\\NT_Server\\Shared_Dir>  -U
${USER}%${PASSWORD} -c "tarmode reset; tar cg 

Has this phenomenon something to do with network traffic or vpn?
I think not ‘cause network traffic load is not that high.

If tar itself may be the problem please let me know how I can transfer
directories with subdirectories and files from NT to Solaris machine
without creating tar files.

I appreciate your help in advance and have a great day!!

Hosin Kee
NetThruPut Inc.
Phone: (403) 538-3540
Email: hosin.kee at

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