Sequence of buffers for reply_write

Tue Sep 24 19:23:26 GMT 2002

We are using a version of Samba that works in the Tandem OSS environment.
It works with no problems.  I have been trying to modify it to work with
special edit files that exist on Tandem.   The edit files are in a
proprietary format and positioning is based on a RecordNumber.  Basically,
I have everything working except being able to write large files that
require multiple 65K buffers to be transmitted.  It seems the buffers that
are passed to the reply_write() function are out of sequence...  For
example, the line below where startpos=262144 should be the last buffer but
it is actually the 3rd buffer.  I can't use the startpos to position
correctly in the file because positioning in the Edit files is based on
RecordNumber... not byte number.

(Embedded image moved to file: pic06334.pcx)

I was just wondering if what I am seeing makes sense to anyone.   I can get
around it by writing to memory then dumping the memory contents to disk on
the close....

Any help would be appreciated.
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