stange w98 behaviour downloading printer drivers

Francesco Mosca askmosca at
Fri Sep 13 17:07:00 GMT 2002

Il ven, 2002-09-13 alle 18:51, Gerald Carter ha scritto:
> On 12 Sep 2002, Francesco Mosca wrote:
> > i've set up some printers in my samba domain (2.2.6pre2) and
> > successfully uploaded drivers from a w2k workstation, according to the
> > how-to, both for win2000 and win98. I used AppleLW Color 12/600 PS
> > drivers, because i need _color_ postscript support. the problem is:  
> Where did you get these drivers from ?  If you can tell me how to get them 
> I'll try to reproduce the bug.

for the apple drivers:

i even tried with other hp drivers:
LaserJet 8500 PS

and LaserJet 4500 PS

i've uploaded the drivers from a w2k workstation client, under
"sharing", choosing "win 98". when asked for the .inf file, i've
specified the one from the packages above.

thanks for your help


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