stange w98 behaviour downloading printer drivers

Francesco Mosca askmosca at
Thu Sep 12 15:48:44 GMT 2002

i've set up some printers in my samba domain (2.2.6pre2) and 
successfully uploaded drivers from a w2k workstation, according to 
the how-to, both for win2000 and win98. I used AppleLW Color 12/600 PS 
drivers, because i need _color_ postscript support. the problem is: 
win2000 gets the correct drivers, enabling the color printing. 
win98 instead gets the drivers, but they are not color enabled
i can only print b/w, no color-tab in the printer settings).
I've also tried with several other ps color drivers, but none of them 
Another interesting point is that if i install the drivers locally 
on the win98 boxes, they present all the color-management related properties
and they actually print with correct colors. all of these properties are not 
present in the samba-automagically-installed version (_same_ drivers)..
i think that the automagic drivers don't get the .ppd installed correctly, 
even if it is placed in c:\windows\system, and that win falls back to the default
(bad) ps driver properties.. i think so because reading the .ppd, it contains 
all the driver switches that appears in the local version but not in the remote..

sorry for my english, i hope i won't have to manually configure my printers in 
all the (many :/ ) win98 boxes, and no, to install a _real_ OS on the clients is 
unfortunately not an option:(



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