libsmbclient: creating named pipes

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Wed Sep 11 07:31:00 GMT 2002


I don't know if this it the correct mailing list for my problem.
I couldn't find an appropriate one from the list.
If this is the wrong list, please direct me to the correct one.

I'm fiddling with the libsmbclient and I'm able to open a named pipe
on a Windows machine using the smbc_open.
But I can't create a named pipe on my Linux using the smbc_creat:

smbc_creat("\\\\.\\pipe\\mynamedpipe", 0666);
smbc_creat("\\\\linuxbox\\pipe\\mynamedpipe", 0666);

It gives me a "permission denied" error.
I even tried it with the root account. Same result.

Is it possible to create a named pipe using libsmbclient, so that the
Windows machine can connect to it?

Thanks in advance,

Gerry Jacobs

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