[Samba] UNICAST cross-subnet browsing, Port 445 vs. 139, and Win2k

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at samba.org
Sun Sep 8 14:44:01 GMT 2002

Andy Levine wrote:
> I have been having a heck of a time getting cross subnet browsing to work
> properly. After MANY hours hunting through source and debug logs, I have
> FINALLY found the source of my browsing issues.
> My Samba nmdb properly becomes the LMB for my segment on a WAN. I VPN to my
> servers at the home office and Samba attempts to sync with the DMB. nmbd
> properly locates the DMB via WINS over the UNICAST_SUBNET, then proceeds to
> try and sync with it over port 445. The connection to port 445 works JUST
> FINE. I get connected, the connection to IPC$ happens just fine and the
> return from the cli_NetServerEnum calls for Domains and everything else
> complete fine. The problem is the returned lists are empty !!! Debug logs
> show: "sync with HOMEOFFICE( for workgroup GROUPXYZ completed (0
> records)". The dumped returned blocks show a correct return record, just
> with nothing in it.

> Sorry for the long post. I wasn't sure if this was the correct group or if
> samba-technical was more appropriate.

Probably better brought up on samba-technical, now that I can confirm
that it's a known, real bug.  We just havn't fully digested the
consequences :-)  (and the fact that 2.2 is bitten by it - I was under
the impression it was 3.0 only, but we had a lot of merging a release or
two back).

Now, what we need to figure out is how to deal with this.  Is is just
that we contact 445, or is there somthing else wrong with our querys
(somehow influenced by our use of port 445).

Can you try and convince two Win2k machines to synronsise browse lists,
and get a sniff?  Ethereal has a very good SMB disector, btw.  In
particular, what ports do they use, and does it look different to
Samba?  In the meantime forcing port 139 makes sense (becouse NetBIOS
browse sync doesn't make sense on 445 anyway - it's meant to be for
'NetBIOSless' smb...

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