Samba bug with OS/2 EAs and FindFirst bug

Steven French sfrench at
Thu Sep 5 03:20:01 GMT 2002

>We need to re-addd it, but only for info levels for which EA's may be
>Do you know the condition we can use to test for EA's ?
Well, the test for SetPathInfo/SetFileInfo level 2 (which probably should
return something like ERROR_EAS_NOT_SUPPORTED) is one of the more important
ones.   I will check the OS/2 Programming Reference and IFS Reference for
the other info  levels.

We discovered another interesting problem, while testing this fix to return
the right rc on the above.   Samba does not seem to handle the "must have"
search bits (at all) which causes a few common Lotus apps to fail on Samba
mounted network drives.  I will test a fix for that tomorrow.   We check
the more common "may have" bits on processing the FindFirst/FindNext
entries for possible matches one by one but we don't check the "must have"
bits so in this particular case the search attributes were 0x1010  (i.e.
matches must have directory bit set and matches may have directory bit set)
and we were returning a file that was not a directory which caused the app
to try to change directory into it and search the "directory" for more

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