WinXP SP1 problems with profiles

Romeril, Alan a.romeril at
Wed Sep 4 07:25:01 GMT 2002

Hello Everyone,
    Looks like this all starts again with the release of a new SP.... ( One of the NT guys here has early access to it ).  
Profile loading to WinXP SP1 clients from Samba 2.2.6-2 / 2.2.4 / 2.2.3a servers which don`t run winbindd do not work.  
Unfortunately setting nt acl support = no does not help as it did with Win2K SP2 clients :(
Attached is the Ethereal capture 8.gz, this should help show the problem.  At packet 228 / 229 there is a nttransact request / response 
pair that occur just before close and logoffX packets.  The similar packet in a stream from an NT4 server have a correct domain SID at the end of the equivalent packet (to 229).  
So here we are looking for a solution, again running winbindd is not really an option, there is NFS access to the home directories and we need UID`s in sync.  Unless there`s an undocumented set of winbind 
options that can back on to NIS for name - UID lookups rather than the random assign, then use that to resolve against NT DC`s we are a bit stuck..... 
Having tested this on a machine that does run winbindd, yes profiles load fine. 
Is there now a need for something like winbindd-lite that will take mappings from a text file and load them into the tdb without the dynamic allocating?


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