my network problem

78195304 m_zebardast at
Mon Sep 2 08:41:01 GMT 2002

 I installed Mandrake Linux on my computer and my system is in a network 
whit Windows 2000 & 98 operating system.
 I have installed samba server&client on my system and configure it.
 My problem is that My computer cannot connect other host in network.
 I can see network hosts on 'Mandrake Control Center/mount points/samba 
 -points\search servers' and I can see systems shares whit win98 OS  on it
 but I can't  browse or connect to win2000s.
 I can't see them in 'nautilus->smb:' too.
 My computer is reachable and broswsable in network from all of other host
 but not vise-vrca.
 When I want to browse 'Network//Local Network' from konqueror I see this 
error message:    "Could  not to connect to host
                          local host "
 please help me.

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