How Samba let us down

Jay Ts jay at
Wed Oct 23 15:45:42 GMT 2002

Steve Langasek wrote:
> Jay Ts wrote:
> > If that is the case, then it's important to let the PDC handle
> > both domain master browser and local master browser tasks, and
> > not ever let any system steal either role away from it (or
> > else bad things can happen).
> I've heard this claim rather frequently, but can anyone tell me what
> actually *breaks* when the PDC is not a local master browser?  The
> connection between a PDC and a DMB is obvious at the protocol level, but
> there is no such connection between the PDC and the LMB;

Oops, I should have been thinking more clearly when I wrote that. :(

It is very important (vital) that the PDC is also the DMB, but making it
also the LMB is a Good Idea because it is more efficient; the DMB can
synchronize the browse list from the local system, rather than
go over the network.

Jay Ts

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