What I need (was Re: Using winbind with Wine)

Martin Wilck Martin.Wilck at Fujitsu-Siemens.com
Wed Oct 23 11:45:59 GMT 2002

First of all thanks everybody for the feedback.

It seems that Wine/Samba integration will not be a solution for general
Wine RPC, at least not in the short term.

However I have determined the functionality I need and I think most of
it can be implemented on top of existing winbind functionality as I
originally intended.

These are the functions I need:

LogonUser(ADVAPI32) - can be done through pam_winbind to authenticate
                      against PDC

NetGroupGetUsers    - Can be implemented with nss_winbind's getgrent()

NetGroupGetInfo     - Also getgrent() (?)

NetLocalGroupGetMembers - Hmm - I don't think Windows' local/global
 		      group distinction makes sense on Unix -
                      windbind looks for global groups, I suppose?

NetGetDCName        - Get name of primary domain controller - 
		      seems to be the most difficult part.
                      Could be solved by simply looking it up in the 
                      Samba config file.

This approach means that the respective functions are not really carried
out as Windows RPCs - for example the "servername" argument to these
functions will be ignored because I cannot tell winbind on which server
to execute its RPC. 

Even if wine had a fully-fledged RPC implementation I doubt that would
be reasonable to implement these functions on top of that, because
groups and users really need to be mapped to their Unix equivalents.

Comments welcome!


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