CIFS VFS Linux 2.5 submission

Steven French sfrench at
Sat Oct 5 00:29:00 GMT 2002

Following suggestions from Urban and others I have made
various very recent changes to the cifs vfs (and updated
the bitkeeper tree
including replacing the call to the problematic
interruptible_sleep_on_timeout, changing some of the
places kmalloc was being used for fixed size objects to
kmem_cache_alloc and lots of minor stylistic updates.
This was to clean it for acceptance to the Linux 2.5 kernel.

I have also added a tar ball of the 2.5 version of the cifs
vfs source to the cifs vfs project on the Samba site to make
it easier for those without bitkeeper.  There already was a
2.4 version of the source on the Samba site.  The 2.4
changes are being shadowed periodically to the Samba CVS
tree.  For those without bitkeeper (which is being heavily
used by the Linux 2.5 development community), a gz of the
2.5 version of the cifs vfs is at:

The tar ball contains a small patch to patch the usual few
files that filesystems have to touch outside their own
directory (fs/ etc.) and also has the
filesysystem's source in the fs/cifs directory.  The
project page is at

Even though testing and new feature development are actively
continuing, suggestions for improving the code are always welcome.


Steve French
Senior Software Engineer
Linux Technology Center - IBM Austin
phone: 512-838-2294
email: sfrench at

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