winbind and NSS

Arup Biswas biswas_arup at
Tue Nov 26 21:45:02 GMT 2002

I am interested in using winbind for mapping users and
groups across unix and windows domains.
To achieve this samba documentation specifies the
following entries in the nsswitch.conf

passwd: files(nis)	winbind
groups:  files(nis)	winbind

My understanding of the smbd code is that getpwnam()
is the only nss call that is really used in the
context of mapping users/groups. My question is what
is the basic minimal set of nss calls that I need to
support in order to achieve user/group mapping. 

Here is why I am considering supporting only the
minimal set of nss calls: we are using a platform
where nss is not supported and the less number of
calls we need to "nss-enable" the less work for us. We
can keep the other password/group access calls

Any pointer in this direction will be highly

Thanks in advance,

-Arup Biswas

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