witch dialect i can use

Christopher R. Hertel crh at ubiqx.mn.org
Fri Nov 22 03:52:00 GMT 2002

On Fri, Nov 22, 2002 at 11:20:57AM +0800, tim_song at wistron.com.cn wrote:
> For some reason I have to develop a CIFS server on our PDA( frankly it is a
> Pocket PC 2002):


A server?  Pocket PC doesn't come with server software?  How odd...

> I want to run this server on raw TCP/IP at port 445,I want this server to
> have the following
> Function:
> 1 It can announce itself in the lan network..

In which way?  If you are running on port 445 (naked TCP transport) then 
you probably don't want to announce to the old-style browse lists.  You'll 
need to figure out how a service announces itself to Active Directory.

> 2 it can provide an IPC service.

...and which services within the IPC?

> 3 it can share directory to other computer, I want it have share level
> security.

Share Level is depricated...

> 4 Explore in the shared tree.( support find first / find next operation )
> 5 Support common file operation Client can copy , move create file or
> directories on the server get file information etc.

If you are writing a server, consider the clients.  Many of them will be 
Windows boxes (although, if you are running on port 445 only then you can 
forget about W/9x, W/NT, and possibly W/Me... as far as I know the only 
Windows clients that can talk to 445 are W2K and WXP).

> Now I can not decide witch Dialect I should support to meet my demand, I have
> not enough time if I can I don??t want to implement
> The NT LM 0.12 , who can tell me witch is the best Dialect for my demand and I
> want some information about the difference among
> These Dialect 
> ?who can tell me where I can find them.

If you are only using port 445 then you are ruling out anything that 
requires a dialect older than NT LM 0.12 anyway.  Beyond that...

At present, you have to dig the same way that the rest of us have to dig.  
It's hard work.  There is documentation being worked on, but it won't be
enough to allow you to build a complete server unless you do a lot of
research and testing yourself.  I know some very competent people backed
by some very large companies that have spent a lot of time working this 
stuff out.

Also, folks here on this list are supporting Open Source projects...  
projects for the greater good.  If you want to port Samba to your platform
(Samba already runs on my Zaurus :) then you might find people willing to
help.  If you are building a commercial product then you will find that we
really don't have the time.  There is no return-on-investment for us.  We
provide help...and it goes into a black hole, never to be seen again.

Several folks will do consulting, but unless you are willing to contribute 
something back to the community it's really just a waste of time for us.

See the links below...

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