witch dialect i can use

tim_song at wistron.com.cn tim_song at wistron.com.cn
Fri Nov 22 03:21:01 GMT 2002

For some reason I have to develop a CIFS server on our PDA( frankly it is a
Pocket PC 2002):

I want to run this server on raw TCP/IP at port 445,I want this server to have
the following


1 It can announce itself in the lan network..

2 it can provide an IPC service.

3 it can share directory to other computer, I want it have share level security.

4 Explore in the shared tree.( support find first / find next operation )

5 Support common file operation Client can copy , move create file or
directories on the server get file information etc.

Now I can not decide witch Dialect I should support to meet my demand, I have
not enough time if I can I don¡¯t want to implement

The NT LM 0.12 , who can tell me witch is the best Dialect for my demand and I
want some information about the difference among

These Dialect 
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?who can tell me where I can find them.

Your Tim


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