chinese support problem

huxin radish_hu at
Thu Nov 21 03:57:01 GMT 2002

When I want to visit windows chinese directory.I find if the root directory of windows, which I wanna visit, has chinese character, smbclient can't visit it.
Such as in "smbclient //netbiosname/directory -U username%passwd" command, the "directory" include chinese character, the command will return "NT_STATUS_BAD_DEVICE_TYPE".
But in other condition, the subdirectory, which has the same directory name(include chinese character), the command "smbclient //netbiosname/directory -U username%passwd -c"cd subdirectory"" can visit the subdirectory.
I think this must be some problem about character '/', the chinese character follow character '/' will bring some problem.
How could I do?
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