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Clive Elsum Clive.Elsum at CSIRO.AU
Wed Nov 20 21:12:01 GMT 2002

 I have not had any feedback on the replacement module for timegm within 
/lib/replace.c. This fix allows a correct Solaris build, without it Clock Skew
 errors occur unless the machine is dropped back to GMT. Is there any chance of 
this being implemented?
 Thanks in advance
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Another suggestion which appears to work without a kludge is a very minor
mod to the code originally contributed by Roger Beeman <beeman at>,
with the help of Mark Baushke <mdb at> and the rest of the Gurus at
CISCO. Further improved by Roger with assistance from Edward J. Sabol based
on input by Jamie Zawinski. 
Setting this as a timegm replacement within lib/replace.c overcomes the need
to reset TIMEZONE.

 time_t timegm(struct tm *t)
  time_t tl, tb;
  struct tm *tg;

  tl = mktime (t);
  if (tl == -1)
      tl = mktime (t);
      if (tl == -1)
        return -1; /* can't deal with output from strptime */
      tl += 3600;
  tg = gmtime (&tl);
  tg->tm_isdst = 0;
  tb = mktime (tg);
  if (tb == -1)
      tb = mktime (tg);
      if (tb == -1)
        return -1; /* can't deal with output from gmtime */
      tb += 3600;
  return (tl - (tb - tl));

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