Write down the "migration document"

Tommaso Di Donato t.didonato at artespa.it
Fri Nov 8 17:15:01 GMT 2002

Hi to all!
First, thank you very muche to all af you for your work...
Now, let's talk about serious things...   ;)
I'm working for migrate my Microsoft NT4 PDC (and possibly also the BDC) to 
a Samba server.. In the past I did a lot of tests, using stable versions... 
It worked perfectly for network in which clients were Win98 only! But if I 
want to migrate win2k clients, things are not so easy... I would like to 
make everything as transparent as possible for the clients (my lan at work 
is about 100 win2k...I can't change them one by one by hand...)
So, now I downloaded samba3.0alpha20, and I prepared a small LAN to test 
the things out... If I can do the trick, I would like to write down a small 
paper ("how I did it", directly from "Frankenstein Jr").. Can someone help me?
For SAmba 2.2.x I used pwdump to extract user and machine accounts, pstools 
to grab domain sid, etc. But when I log on a Win2K, I can't use my old 
profile (because of RID, I think).
Lurking and asking, I discovered that there is a command, net rpc vampire, 
that should extract all the infos from the old PDC. Is it right?
If so, what are the steps? I can't find the sintax for the command in man 
thank you very much, to all of you.

Tommaso Di Donato

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