smbfs missing files

Jeff Ames jca at
Tue Nov 5 17:56:46 GMT 2002

> Have you tried one of the other clients (jcifs or smbclient or the Linux
> cifs vfs) to see if it can display those files?

Not yet.  Is there any way to do scripting in smbclient?  Something along
the lines of (in bash): (for ((i=0;i<1000;++i)); do /bin/ls|wc
-l;done)|sort -n|uniq -c

> Do any of the filenames/patch components (that do not display) contain
> international characters above 128 decimal?

No.  I've had problems with, for example, directories of the form archN,
N=some number between 1 and 600000, and with files of the form runN.ns,
N=number between 1 and 600.

> Can the missing directory/file be displayed individually (e.g. by stat
> filename or ls filename)?

No....  It doesn't consistently miss a certain file.  It just seems to
randomly skip a few here and there.  If I just 'ls' a directory once,
everything has shown up so far.  If I run 'ls' 1000 times, I usually
get all the files.  But if I keep running 'ls' 1000 times, I eventually
get something like 910 listings with everything, and 90 listings missing 6

It seems that when doing this 'ls' loop, the ones that miss files occur
together.  In a recent test, I got iterations 83 through 269 counting 4
fewer files than they should've, but all the rest were fine.  I got one
such segment that lasted about four seconds (123 iterations miscounted).
It seems that it doesn't last much longer than that, when it does occur.
It also seems highly likely that they're missing the same files, within
one of the segments, since they all show the same (wrong) number of files.


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