DCERPC dissecting and srvsvc_srv_get_get_info ...

Richard Sharpe rsharpe at ns.aus.com
Thu May 23 16:48:02 GMT 2002


I am trying to dissect some SRVSVC RPCs, and am running into a small 
problem with the info 101 etc structs.

The structure goes like this ...

  LONG level
  Ptr to structure
  Structure {
    LONG Platform ID
    Ptr to name
    LONG Version Major
    LONG Version Minor
    LONG Server Type
    Ptr to Comment
  [I see an extra LONG here]
  UNISTR2 name
  [and here]
  UNISTR2 comment

However, there seems to be an additional LONG between the structure and 
the UNISTR2 name and the two UNISTR2s above that I cannot account for.
Does anyone know what they are for?

Richard Sharpe, rsharpe at ns.aus.com, rsharpe at samba.org, 
sharpe at ethereal.com

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