smbmount, smbumount and smbmnt

Abdij Bhat Abdij.Bhat at
Thu May 16 02:38:03 GMT 2002

 Thanks Urban for all the info. It was really of use to me especially
since i could do without smbmnt and smbumount.

 Sorry for the delay in my response.

 Could you please send me the patch you have used to reduce the
footprint of smb clients. I beleive that will really be very helpful for

 Also regarding the codepages i have some more query.
1. Since some other components in our embedded system needs codepages,
we have enabled the code pages in the kernel.
2. We have however not enables the CONFIG_SMB_NLS_DEFAULT. So smbfs
should not be using any codepages.
3. I have nothing in my smb.conf for the codepages. ( IS there any way
to disable codepage use in the smb.conf?)
4. However when i run my client i still get the errors i had previously

 WHat might the problem be?

 Once again thanks a lot for your time and advice.

Thanks and Regards,

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On Tue, 30 Apr 2002, Abdij Bhat wrote:

> Hi,
>  I am deploying samba for an embedded system. The requirement is that
> system should be able to mount windows share points. I believe
> smbumount and smbmnt" components are needed to do the same. I am not
> clear about smbmnt though!
>  I find that smbmount, smbumount and smbmnt are all quite huge. Around
> to 400Kb each.

smbmnt is linked with libsmb even though it doesn't use anything from
It is possible to make it much smaller by editing the makefile. I have a
patch if you want. smbmnt exists to allow parts of the code to be setuid
root for normal user mounts and is run by smbmount.

smbumount is only needed if you need normal users to mount and umount
things. root can umount with the normal umount command so you could just
remove it.

smbmount only uses a few parts of libsmb directly, but there are a lot
dependencies between different parts of libsmb.

>  Also whenever i choose SMB_FS support in the Kernel configuration, i
> forced to choose the NLS. Do i really need it? How can i do without
it? Also

If you don't enable any of the kernel codepage modules, nothing extra
be built. If you don't enable CONFIG_SMB_NLS_DEFAULT then smbfs will not
use any nls code.

> the smbmount demands codepage.850, codepage-def.850, unicode_map.850,
> unicode_map.ISO8859-1 files. I have not provided the same in my
> development environment. Funnily, although it complains that the above

Those are samba codepages and the smb.conf controls which ones to use,
with these being the defaults(?).


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