SV_TYPE_PRINTQ_SERVER flag always true?

James Guzicki - IMG jguzicki at
Wed May 15 08:48:02 GMT 2002

I'm not quite sure it is a bug, at least on Samba's end, since it appears 
to be doing exactly what it is coded to do.  The bug may be that it is not 
configurable, but that's not my decision :)  As for why it is a problem 
*deep breath* - For WinNT/2K clients, when they want to browse for a 
printer on the network using the 'Add Printer' option, they ask the Master 
Browser for a list of all servers that have the SV_TYPE_PRINT flag 
true.  The NT/2K clients than talk to each server it has gotten back and 
asks for the listing of printers for it.  This has caused a large increase 
in time for browsing for printers (from about 5 seconds to almost a minute 
with only about 15 samba servers in the workgroup so far).  Only 2 or 3 of 
the 40 or so Samba servers that we will soon have are going to have 
printers on them.  Now, I wouldn't discount the fact that this could be a 
problem with NT/2K, since this behavior is not seen on 9x boxes.  However, 
any windows box that does not share printers does not set this flag with 
the Browse Master.  It would seem to me that if the Samba server is not 
sharing out printers, it shouldn't set this flag either.  In any case, 
since we never plan to print through Samba except for the 2 or 3 servers 
(we use Novell for all other printing)  I have no problem commenting out 
this flag in the Samba code and compiling it.  But maybe this is something 
that might possibly want to make it's way into smb.conf?  I just wanted to 
know more or less if what I was doing seemed reasonable and whether or not 
it might break something else. I have checked as much as I can and it 
doesn't seem like it will, but I wanted to be safe.  Thanks.

James Guzicki - IMG

At 10:02 AM 5/15/02 +1000, Tim Potter wrote:

>Just out of curiosity, why is this a problem?
>It does sound like a bug though.

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