winbind UID, GID assignment

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at
Mon May 13 04:39:24 GMT 2002

Mike Gerdts wrote:
> I have just started testing of winbindd, to make it so that NT users may
> or may not have UNIX accounts.  I have run into two problems.  I am
> fishing for solutions that work for me and others.
> 1.  UNIX UID/GID assigment
> The incremental UNIX UID and GID assigment method seems great for
> standalone samba servers or standalone Unix workstations.  When you
> introduce NFS it becomes a mess.  To address this, I have hacked up
> winbindd to get non-cached UIDs from an Oracle database.  Thus, our
> Samba server no longer needs to use NIS, Unix accounts do not need to be
> created in advance, and if a Unix account is created at some time, the
> UID is consistent with the UID that the user will get at some time.
> Would it be useful to make the UID/GID miss code allow for a generic
> plugin?  I am thinking of something along the lines of
>     BOOL local_lookup_uid(const char *domain, const char *user, uid_t *uid)
>     BOOL local_lookup_gid(const char *domain, const char *user, gid_t *gid)

The username and domain may not be known at the time a mapping is
required.  Thats the easy bit - we might not even know if it is a uid or

There is more to this whole mess than meets the eye, but yes, we do need
to allow an aribtary SID->uid/gid, uid/gid -> SID backend system.

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