Heuristics for finding a Win2K domain controller ...

Ulf Bertilsson ulf.bertilsson at adcomdata.no
Mon May 6 07:00:02 GMT 2002

> > There is no way you can avoid DDNS if you want to use AD. None. 
> > W2K-Clients use DNS to find their servers. (You could make 
> static DNS 
> > entries, but this would not be
> > very admin-friendly...)
> When it comes to Windows admins, *I'm* not very 
> admin-friendly, either. I was specifically asking whether 
> this could be done with static DNS entries; I'm glad to hear 
> the answer is yes.

As long as your able to resolve names it should be ok ?
What about the kerberos thing in Win2000 ?

Active Directory seems also to bind junk data to DNS entry.

For any FULL compliant "compability" with 2000 core,
I guess it's needed ?

At least dns is better than lame netbios shoutings :)


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