'wbinfo -t' kills winbindd (3.0-alpha17)

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at pcug.org.au
Wed Mar 27 13:36:21 GMT 2002

Dan Coppock wrote:
> FYI,
> I believe there may be a rogue cli_shutdown(cli) call in
> winbindd_check_machine_acct() (nsswitch/winbindd_misc.c).
> If I run 'wbinfo -t' a few times in succession, winbindd will exit,
> reporting a file descriptor problem with select.  Using ktrace, I can see
> that fd 0 is getting closed a few times when winbindd_check_machine_acct()
> is called.  After removing the cli_shutdown call, I can check the machine
> account repeatedly, with no apparent side effects.  The cli reference looks
> to be obtained from a cache entry, from within the preceding
> cm_get_netlogon_cli() call.  I'm guessing that this particular client
> structure was getting shutdown multiple times (or, too early).
> Can anyone see problems with my solution?
> I'm speaking only for my winbindd environment: 3.0-alpha17, FreeBSD 4.4.

Fixed in HEAD last week.  It was a leftover from before we cached
connections to the NETLOGON pipe.  You were lucky - it was much harder
the track down under Linux (double free() -> malloc heap corruption

Andrew Bartlett

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