debug level 10 log: NT4 Printer/spoolss problems.

Gerald Carter jerry at
Tue Mar 26 07:44:05 GMT 2002

On Mon, 18 Mar 2002, Steven Mackenzie wrote:

> OK, grabbed CVS about 2 hours ago (2.2.4-pre). I made a set of RPMs, and
> installed them on the test server, and this problem is fixed in your latest
> source.

Glad things are fixed.  There has been a lot of printing 
changes lately.  Who knows exactly which was corrected the problem...

> I think it may be the printer change notification changes that fixed my
> problem -- I just noticed a *lot* of these messages in the NT (client) event
> log from my last 2.2.3a test:
> Printer Driver HP LaserJet 2200 Series PCL 6 for Windows NT x86 Version-2
> was added or updated. Files:- \\prawn\print$\W32X86\2\HPBF3222.DLL,
> \\prawn\print$\W32X86\2\HPBF3220.DLL, \\prawn\print$\W32X86\2\HPBF3224.PMD.

I've looked into this in the past and came to the conclusion that
there's nothing we can do about these.  I think it is related to the
fact that we cannot store the creation timestamp on files (no fs support
for this attribute).

> No need now - are you still interested?

Not if you're happy.  I've got plenty of other things to work on. :-)

> No. I want to set up a single machine (preferable a single database) for
> Solaris, Linux, and NT logons, but I don't think winbind is the solution. Am
> I wrong?

No.  You're fine.

cheers, jerry
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