debug level 10 log: NT4 Printer/spoolss problems.

Steven Mackenzie sjm at
Mon Mar 18 11:45:37 GMT 2002

> > [Word 97 locks on NT4 when the printer dialogue box is opened if drivers
are served from 2.2.3a.]

> > Here are logs from an NT4 SP6 client (called PIPER) talking to an
> > HP2200dn printer on a Samba 2.2.3a (Mandrake RPM, 2.2.3a-6mdk) server
> > (called PRAWN). I've also attatched the smb.conf file. (It is a tar gz
> > file.)

> OK.  Couple of things.  Could you try to reproduce this using the latest
> SAMBA_2_2 cvs code?  2.2.3a had a bug which did not allow printer settings
> to be saved.  This might of caused Word to go into a loop of trying to
> issue SetPrinterData because it would never get set.

OK, grabbed CVS about 2 hours ago (2.2.4-pre). I made a set of RPMs, and
installed them on the test server, and this problem is fixed in your latest


I'm not sure that the fix is for the reason that you suggest, as I already
tested a patched 2.2.3a that had this in the chagelog:
- Patch 23 from CVS to fix saving changes in printer properties (-- Gerald

This had the same problems as the previous 2.2.3a servers that I've tried.

> The latest 2.2 cvs also has some fixes for access control on printer
> handles which appears to be identical to how NT/2k enforces security.
> The new check is much faster than the code in 2.2.3a.
> I also just added some fixes for the printer chaneg notification code.

I think it may be the printer change notification changes that fixed my
problem -- I just noticed a *lot* of these messages in the NT (client) event
log from my last 2.2.3a test:
Printer Driver HP LaserJet 2200 Series PCL 6 for Windows NT x86 Version-2
was added or updated. Files:- \\prawn\print$\W32X86\2\HPBF3222.DLL,
\\prawn\print$\W32X86\2\HPBF3220.DLL, \\prawn\print$\W32X86\2\HPBF3224.PMD.

> Also try swapping the "default devmode" parameter from yes to no
> and see what effect this has.

No need now - are you still interested?

> > The Samba server is configured for domain security. The domain is
> Are you running winbind?  Just curious.

No. I want to set up a single machine (preferable a single database) for
Solaris, Linux, and NT logons, but I don't think winbind is the solution. Am
I wrong?

> > The Samba server is a clean install of Linux Mandrake 8.2 beta3, plus
> > updated Samba rpms.
> Mandrake RPMs?

Yes, 2.2.3a-6mdk, from a cooker mirror for the beta cycle that is just

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