Changing winbindd parameters while running

Richard Sharpe rsharpe at
Wed Mar 20 22:52:02 GMT 2002


I am playing around with the idea of changing winbindd parameters while it 
is running.

This is principally because Panasas uses winbindd to do lookups of UNIX 
information from the Panasas distributed file system, as well as have 
Samba (and PAM, if available) do Windows lookups.

To that end, we have a -u flag which places winbindd into UNIX-only mode. 
I want to make this mode dynamic and based on parameters in the smb.conf 
file like 'winindd uid range' and 'winbindd gid range'.

One gotcha is that if you have already performed mappings of SIDs to UIDs, 
and you try to shift the UID range, you have problems, but I wondered if 
people can see other problems associated with this approach?

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