fcntl F_SETLKW64 failing on Solaris

David Lee t.d.lee at durham.ac.uk
Mon Mar 11 07:04:03 GMT 2002

On Mon, 14 Jan 2002 [i.e some two months ago], Jeremy Allison wrote:

> [...]
> This email triggered me to look closely at the claim_connection code
> in smbd. NB. All the traversals on startup in the locking and share
> mode db's have been removed in the latest CVS code.
> I discovered something very stupid..... in include/local.h the variable
> MAXSTATUS was set to 100000, whereas the code in smbd/connection.c looks
> for the value *zero* to stop the tdb traversal.
> This was a holdover from old Samba 1.9.x code - I have now fixed this
> in 2.2.x and HEAD CVS trees so that MAXSTATUS is removed, and zero means
> infinite connections.
> This will stop any tdb traversal of the connections tdb on smbd
> startup, and should mean no smbd does a traversal of any tdb on
> startup.
> This may have been the last missing piece in the Solaris puzzle....
> DaveCB & all, can you please checkout this change and kick the c*$p
> out of it in stress testing on big Solaris servers .... :-) :-).
> I'm hoping this will fix it (fingers crossed). This was my last
> showstopper 2.2.x bug.... !

For various reasons, we have to hold our main fileserver (Sun 450, approx
1,000 simulataneous connections) back on the 2.0.x series (i.e. pre-tdb
version of connections) of Samba.  (All our other servers are nicely up at

Would this bug have affected 2.0.x ?  If so, has anyone attempted to
address this bug in 2.0.x (x >= 7)?  Anyone got any hints to assist me to
produce a fix for our local use? 


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