RE domain user fix patch

David Mulcahy david.mulcahy at
Wed Mar 6 09:03:04 GMT 2002

Hi just one quick last note before i go back to paddle in the shallows of the 
samba-request mailing list.

The guy who origanally discuvered the bug actually supplied a patch to the 
samba-request list but andrew bartlett (or it may well have been you, i cant 
remember off hand) indicated the patch was wrong because the problem had been 
solved.  So if you havent finished it yet (i'm sure you have) you might want 
to check that patch.  I would have attached it but like i said all my mail 
was deleted, hence the original title domain user fix patch.

David Mulcahy.

> Never mind. I have *finally* (at Connectathon) managed
> to reproduce this problem (well Herb did it actually :-).
> I've added an smbtorture test for the bug and I'm coding
> up a fix as I type....
> Jeremy.

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