Gordon Haas GordonHaas at
Mon Mar 4 09:38:16 GMT 2002

Dear Sir/Madam
I am network consutlant working in Southern California.   I have
implemented SAMBA in a WAN environment but cannot get the remote LAN's (2
of them) to see the SAMBA server.  The local LAN does see the SAMBA server.
 The WAN is being serviced by 4 CISCO 1601 routers which are routing
Netbios and CIFS (upgraded SMB).  The Netbios segment is working fine -
that is PC's on any LAN can see exported shares on the other two LAN's. 
Has anyone out there gone through this one?  I am assuming this must be a
SAMBA issue not a CISCO issue but if I am wrong then I would love to know. 
 Thanks in advance.
Gordon Haas
Network Consultant
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