libsmb on win32?

Steve Dispensa dispensa at
Mon Mar 4 04:46:03 GMT 2002

I'm faced with fixing a few shortcomings in the Win9x networking
 - lack of multiple credentials management (i.e. you have to be logged
as "joe" to map a drive as user "joe")
 - lack of ability to do down-folder maps (i.e. no "net use *
 - miscellaneous DFS-related problems

...and I'm sure there are more.  

To do this, we're thinking of porting chunks of libsmb and smbclient to
Win32 (well, not entirely - to the Windows 9x kernel, really), and
hooking it up to a device driver that winds up adding drive letters to
the shell.  This would be similar to, say, the products that mount an
encrypted file as a removable drive.

A couple of questions.  A check of google and a run through the 2.2.2
source leads me to believe that libsmb hasn't been natively ported to
Windows before.  True?  Any reason this can't be done (assuming I'm
comfortable with the standard POSIX->Win32 issues)?  Can anybody think
of anything I'm missing (pitfalls, additional Win9x problems I haven't
hit yet, ...)?



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