Does CIFS client retry?

Cuong Tran Cuong.Tran at
Wed Jun 26 09:27:01 GMT 2002

Hi, I hope the experts could shed some light on my questions here:
Say a CIFS client sends a number of delayed writes to a server. The server
acknowledges the writes but it does not commit the writes to persistent
storage yet. 
Due to some reason, the server "loses" the writes by the CIFS client. 
How does the server recover from this problem? 
    (a) Can it ask the client to resend the writes which the server has yet
committed to persistent storage? 
    (b) What happens on the CIFS client if the server  closes its connection
to the client? How much is the application on the CIFS client "shielded"
from this type of errors?

Many thanks.
-- Cuong
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